Stop Using Ads on Amazon! How PPC Can Help You Increase Sales and Reduce Reliance on Ads Over Time

If you’re serious about creating a stable Amazon business or brand then PPC has to be part of your strategy. There’s simply no way around it given the level of competition on the platform today. 


Not only that but if your products aren’t showing up on page one then it can be nearly impossible to reach your customers. 


But there is good news! 


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How to use pcc for a better amazon personal match.

The right PPC strategy can help you get to page one faster and it can actually reduce your reliance on paid advertising over time.


Here’s what we’ll cover in this article…

What is the PPC Flywheel?

First, let’s talk about what a flywheel is. 


The concept comes from engineering and is defined as a “wheel in a machine that is used to increase the machine’s momentum and provide greater stability”. 


In marketing this typically means…

amazon ppc flywheel reduce reliance on amazon advertising overtime

Let’s go into a little more detail for Amazon specifically. For Amazon the PPC flywheel looks something like this. 


  1. PPC Kickstarts the flywheel process by getting your product in front of more people. 

  2. Increased impressions lead to an increase in sales

  3. More sales means that your seller performance increases in the eyes of Amazon. 

  4. More sales also means that you will get more reviews. 

  5. More sales and more reviews mean a higher organic ranking over time. 

How Does It Reduce Your Dependence on Ads?

Once you are starting to rank organically on page one for your target keywords you can start to reduce your ad spend or potentially pause some keywords entirely. 


Meaning that you’ll be saving money.


Now, we don’t recommend just calling it done once you’ve reached page one. Your competitors are not going to stop vying for that coveted position so it’s important to keep an eye on your campaigns and your ranking over time. 


Bonus tip!

At PPC Farm, our farming process allows us to take full advantage of the flywheel effect. 


Our process works by identifying all of the potentially profitable search terms for a product by looking at real sales data. 

These proven search terms then get put into exact campaigns where we are able to precisely adjust the dial on bids in order to ensure there is no wasted ad spend. 

What About Other Listing Factors?

Of course, no matter how much you’re spending on ads you’re not going to get conversions if your listing isn’t fully optimized. 


That’s why it’s important not to neglect your titles, copy and images and make sure they’re top notch before kickstarting the flywheel with PPC. 


What do you think about using the PPC flywheel to reduce your need on ads over time?

Did anything in this article spark your curiosity or bring up a question? Comment below or email us at [email protected]. We love talking about PPC!

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