How We Increased Sales by 70% For a Kitchen Supplies Brand With Amazon PPC

We’re going to explain how we’ve generated over $2.5M for our own brand using Amazon PPC and our proprietary farming process.


This process worked for us despite the fact that:

  • We were relatively new to Amazon

  • We lacked experience with PPC

  • Used Google Sheets to manage everything


Here’s how we did it…

How the PPC Farm Farming Process

Allows Us to Generate Consistent Sales

Even Years After Implementation

Running our farming process on our own brand not only got us a 70% increase in sales but also to a 22% drop in ACoS and a 15% increase in conversion rates.


Here’s the stats for your nerds. 


Here’s how we did it…

The Brand


This brand specializes in selling high-quality restaurant and home kitchen supplies. The products include things like biodegradable disposable dishware and kitchen tools. It’s a competitive market on Amazon and ensuring a solid PPC strategy was vital to the long-term growth of this brand (and our company). 

The Goals

Back in late 2019, this brand, in particular, had been experiencing a steady decline in sales and was also highly sensitive to seasonal changes in the market. We needed to find a way to deploy our limited ad spend efficiently to position this brand for stable, long-term success.

The Solution

Step 1: Stop the Bleeding


We did a deep analysis of all of our campaigns and wiped out any ad waste from non-converting ad spending. By identifying keywords and other targets that weren’t performing well we could quickly and easily divert that wasted ad spend to our more profitable targets and campaigns. 


Then, we went whole hog utilizing our proprietary farming process across the nearly 600 products in the brand catalog.

Step 2: In-Depth Keyword Research


Our farming process involves first generating a completely exhaustive list of relevant keywords that we put into broad campaigns. 


And we mean completely exhaustive. 


We leave no stone unturned when it comes to keywords because we believe that missing out on even one keyword could mean that you’re leaving thousands of dollars on the table. 


Step 3: Launch Broad Farming Campaigns


From there, we let those initial broad campaigns “farm” data for us to identify high-performing search terms. 


Step 4: Harvest Profitable Search Terms Into Exact Campaigns


We then move those proven search terms into exact campaigns where we can carefully and precisely monitor the bids. 

These highly relevant terms also mean that campaigns are optimized for improving organic sales. Knowing which search terms have the best conversion rate for you means that you can deliver exactly what customers are looking for with their searches. 


So you’ll end up with more happy customers getting exactly the right product for their needs.


More happy customers mean that the brand can continue to experience long-term growth while relying less and less on advertising over time. 

The Results


The numbers really speak for themselves. Here are the big wins that we want to highlight.

How Amazon advertising agency PPC farm uses farming process to increase sales on Amazon.


Would you try our farming process on your own ASINs?

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