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 We went from losing tons of money on our campaigns to building our own software and a foolproof process that consistently generates big monthly profits.

Our Story Begins With Us Banging Our Heads Against the Wall and
Buying Jeff Bezos a New Yacht

Jeff Bezos spraying champagne on a yacht with a woman

Today we are an 8-figure Amazon seller with thousands of ASINs across 8 different brands and a team of over 70 people operating our core Amazon business. Here’s a recent snapshot of our account. 

Sales dashboard showing 8-figure revenue of a highly successful Amazon business.

But that wasn’t always the case…

We started selling our products on Amazon back in 2015. Ahh, the good old days. Back when Amazon was basically like the Wild West. The cash just flowed in and no one batted an eye while you bought reviews and did tons of giveaways. 

Those were truly the golden years and we were livin’ on easy street. But then things started to change…

The market got more competitive and Amazon tightened up a lot of the rules. We realized, “Oh snap, we actually have to figure this whole PPC thing out”. 

We had no idea what we were doing. So we tried out all kinds of strategies and software. Things seemed to be going okay for a couple of years. That is, until around late 2019 when we realized that something was very, very wrong.

Homer Simpson in a burning laboratory meme with Us Managing PPC in 2019 written on the bottom.
Despite our best efforts, we were hemorrhaging money on our PPC campaigns across the board. If we had been our own agency back then we might have given advice along the lines of: “Take the dog out back and shoot it.”  Slightly less dramatic than that, but you get the idea. 

We were ensuring our slow demise by doing things like…

✔️ Bidding on keywords that had absolutely no chance of ever converting for us
✔️ Spending hundreds of dollars for no sales
✔️ Adjusting the bids up and down like crazy when we got a little bit nervous 

Stuff like that. 

Here’s a campaign from back then full of terrible keywords with no sales. Yikes. 

Here are some more of our old campaigns with crazy spend. I bet you’re jealous of that ACoS, huh? 

Screenshot of a table displaying amazon marketing campaign metrics: 193,296 impressions, 265 clicks, $184.07 spend, $10.99 sales, 1,674.89% ACOS, and 0.06 ROAS.
Screenshot of a table displaying amazon marketing campaign metrics: 19,387 impressions, 308 clicks, $161.56 spend, $12.99 sales, 1,243.73% ACOS, and 0.08 ROAS.
Screenshot of a table displaying amazon marketing campaign metrics: 19,229 impressions, 112 clicks, $116.93 spend, $10.29 sales, 1,136.35% ACOS, and 0.09 ROAS.

Editor’s note: Should we really be telling them how much we sucked at PPC before? I mean, aren’t we trying to sell PPC services?

Reply: Screw it. That’s showbiz baby!

By the time we realized what was happening, we had already donated $437,680 to Jeff Bezos’ personal yacht fund. 

Jeff was happy. We were not so happy…

We were actually at the point where we were going to have to make some tough decisions about laying people off if we couldn’t get it together.

Not wanting to start donating blood plasma for Amazon ads, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. We listened to all of the podcasts, read everything PPC we could get our hands on, and talked to several experts to try and really understand how it all worked. 

We spent months researching PPC and after countless nights of falling asleep at our desks, the clouds finally parted and we could see the clear and righteous path toward better PPC management.

Jeff Bezos floating in the clouds with open arms.

Here's Where Things Finally Started Looking Up For Us...

Now that we had all of this knowledge crammed in our heads we had to figure out how to put it all together.

So, the mad genius who is our CEO, went to town spending hundreds of hours creating what can only be described as a massive tangled web of Google Sheets insanity.

Seriously, if you ever want to have a 2-hour conversation about VLOOKUP, he’s your guy.

Pepe Silvia Charlie Day Always Sunny in Philadelphia meme with "Our CEO explaining his Google Sheets system" written on the bottom.

This is just the tip of the iceberg but here’s part of the directory showing the endless sheets upon sheets that all have to talk to each other for the PPC management system to work (AKA The Google Sheets Beast). 


It was truly a masterpiece that would make any Google Sheets nerd salivate. 

The team was skeptical (and pretty confused) but we were at the point of no return. 

After hours of training, testing and writing up SOPs, we finally deployed the Google Sheets Beast and said a little prayer. 

The result?

It actually freaking works!

Google Sheets Beast's positive impact on Amazon PPC: Significant growth in sales, orders, and conversion rate, with a notable reduction in ACoS.
Sales vs Time graph showcasing the transformative effect of Google Sheets Beast with sales skyrocketing post implementation from a range of 0-50 dollars to surpassing $1000 in 10 months.

The goal for that product was brand sustainability. You can see how we consistently grew that ASIN over time with The Google Sheets Beast until our sales blasted off during the holiday season.   

Here’s another one… 

Spreadsheet showing Google Sheets Beast reducing a product's Amazon PPC ACoS from 29% to 14%, with an arrow highlighting the 50% drop.
Graph showing product sales boost after Google Sheets Beast use on December 30, 2020 from $50-100 to over $350 in 10 months.

For this product, our focus was on improving overall profitability. As you can see, the growth is steady even though we had some issues with inventory along the way. Ahem…global supply chain.

But just look at that drop in ACoS! Chef’s kiss.    

Ok ok, last one…

Spreadsheet of Google Sheets Beast impact on Amazon PPC: Arrows indicate Total Sales rise to $16,590 (2365% increase) and 35% ACoS reduction.
Graph showing Google Sheets Beast impact: Sales rose from $0 to over $150 post December 7, 2020, in under 3 months.

At first glance you might think this was a brand new product or that we weren’t previously doing any PPC for this product but, no. We just really sucked that bad before

For this product, the goal was pretty straightforward. We wanted to increase sales while reducing our ACoS. I think we achieved that pretty well. What do you think?

This Ended Up Being the Most Profitable Thing We Ever Did For Our Business...
But We Didn’t Stop There

Clearly, something was working. Everyone was absolutely thrilled with the results!

Well, everyone except for…

the team that was stuck copying and pasting links for 50+ different Google Sheets every single day.

Even though our CEO has pledged his undying love for Google Sheets there was clearly a need to turn this into proper software or we would risk the team showing up at the office with pitchforks, ready to stage a rebellion. 

So, we hired 10 brilliant software developers to combine what we figured out in Google Sheets with machine learning to form the beautiful love child that is PPC Farm. 

Meet Emmett. He’s our software and the brains behind the whole operation. He’s a lean, mean, money-printing machine whose sole purpose in life is making the highest amount of profit from Amazon PPC. 

Illustration of Emmet, a money-printing robot symbolizing PPC Farm's software, renowned for outstanding Amazon PPC results.

He’s even got his own back story…

Originally called EM.IT, Emmett started off his robot career printing money at the Federal Reserve. One time at an important government gala, Jeff Bezos insulted him by claiming to be able to print money faster and better. Ever since then, Emmett has been trying to get even with Bezos.

After a long career of churning out tons of cash day in and day out, Emmett decided to retire to a quiet life on PPC Farm. He soon discovered that he still had a burning passion for printing money and for revenge against Bezos. Now Emmett works for PPC Farm making tons of money for YOU so he can show Bezos who’s boss. 

Building The Software Was a Huge Win for Us...
But the Real "Aha!" Moment Came When We Created the PPC Farm Agency

After rolling out the software we were back on easy street and raking in the cash. Life was good. 

We thought back to all of the crappy software and other strategies we used before and remembered how much of a struggle it had all been. 

Then, us being the generous people that we are, thought…”Hey, maybe our process would work for other sellers, too!” So we talked to some folks in our community about our software and our unique PPC strategy.

Everyone was floored by our results and wanted to try out it out for themselves. 

Even though it’s not our core business, after hearing all of the great feedback, we decided to set up the PPC Farm agency. 

Our PPC process has worked extremely well for us and now we are offering our knowledge and strategy to other select Amazon sellers. 

Here’s how we make the magic happen…

The Key to Our Success Is a Simple 6-Step Farming Process

What do you mean by farming? I’m not in the agricultural business…

That’s right! You’re in the money-making business. 

The main idea behind our farming process is to try and identify as many profitable Customer Search Terms (CSTs) as possible. Then the software will carefully optimize the bids based on over 32 different data points.

We call this “farming” because we plant a lot of “seed” keywords to see what grows (converts).

Here’s how it works…

 Step 1: Till the Soil

This is the foundation of everything. We dig down deep in order to understand your goals for your business and products. This allows us to establish our initial campaigns so that we can farm effectively.

 Step 2: Plant Seeds

Human ingenuity drives keyword research and optimization to ensure nothing is overlooked. Our team of PPC experts carefully analyzes your products and target audience to select the best possible “seed” keywords, categories, and competitors to include in campaigns.

 Step 3: Farm

Just like any good farmer, we monitor our crops each day. Our proprietary A.I. looks at your data to figure out which of those “seeds” actually convert so we can make sure we’re bidding on the right SERPs. For example, you might think that the keyword “coffee stirrer” will drive a ton of sales but actually “swizzle stick” converts a lot better for your specific product.

 Step 4: Weed

Next, we make room for the winners by eliminating the losers. We weed out (make negative) any keywords that aren’t making money and modify bids accordingly.

 Step 5: Harvest 

Our software then looks at over 32 potential data points to determine which keywords are profitable and will help you reach your goals. We move these keywords into their own exact campaigns for easy observation. Now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

 Step 6: Fertilize and Prune

Our A.I. will then precisely adjust each bid in order to ensure your campaigns remain profitable. Things change over time. So, we continue to keep an eye on your campaigns and make adjustments as the seasons change or the market fluctuates.

Finally we lather, rinse and repeat for all of your ASINs to keep growing those dollars.  

The Software Is Truly the Backbone of PPC Farm but…That’s Not the Only Thing Driving Our Success

You might have noticed there’s one other special ingredient in our 6-Step Farming Process that we combine with the software to make the real secret sauce… 


We believe that you need both human ingenuity and smart software in order to get the best results. 

The software we created does a great job of computing complex scenarios but there are certain aspects of PPC that a human is always going to be better at. 

Let me show you what that looks like…

Say you sell mosquito repellent. 

It’s the week before Memorial Day weekend, it’s been raining nonstop around the country and you know that campgrounds everywhere are going to be totally booked. 

So, what could you do with your PPC to take advantage of this scenario?

You, a human, might notice this trend and consider increasing bids on keywords like “camping bug spray” or “deep woods repellent.” 

That’s great! But now how do you decide on the optimal bid?

Well, that’s a bit tricker. There are so many different factors that you need to consider like…

What has your ACoS been for the past 30 days? How about 90 days? Or the lifetime of the product? What’s the current CPC? How many times has this keyword converted in the past year? Should you go for up and down bids or down only? How much did you bid last time, again? 

It can start to get overwhelming pretty quickly…

This is where the software comes in. It does the heavy lifting and factors in all of the different possible scenarios to calculate the optimal bid based on your goals.

With PPC Farm you get the best of both worlds because your Account Manager is an actual PPC Expert (not a salesperson) who is trained to use our software to deliver you incredible results. 

That's Pretty Neat. What Else Do You Guys Do?
We Do One Thing Really Damned Well: Amazon PPC

Do you want to optimize your Google Ads? Sorry, we can’t help you. 

How about Bing? Nope, not our cup of tea. 

Amazon PPC? Hey, now you’re talking. 

We will print you money with Amazon PPC!

We want to focus on being the best at one thing rather than diluting our offerings. 

You wouldn’t trust a restaurant to make both pizza and sushi really well, right? So, why would you trust an agency that says they’re good at everything? Like, the saying goes, “If you specialize in everything, then you specialize in nothing.”  

We don’t claim to be good at things when we’re really not. 

We Want to Be Up Front About What We Do (and Don't Do) So You Can Make Sure We're The Right Fit For You

What We Do

What We Don't Do

We never want to offer mediocre services just for the sake of it.  If we’re not good at something we won’t try to pretend that we are. 

While we might eventually be able to get really good at all of these things, right now we just focus on what we’re really great at (Amazon PPC). 

No false promises.

I mean, we could try to make you a video but you probably don’t want us to. Here’s an example of the kind of videos we can make. 

Maybe we’d better stick to what we know best, eh? 

My Last Agency Treated Me Like Garbage, How Are You Guys Any Different?

Fair Question. We know what it’s like to deal with unimpressive agencies that make all sorts of promises in the beginning to get your business but then don’t even bother to show up to meetings on time. 

We are committed to shockingly good customer service throughout our entire relationship. 

What does that mean?

Besides the basic common courtesy of replying to your emails within 48 hours, we can promise that you will… 

✔️ Receive weekly reports with information that is actually useful. 

✔️ Have complete transparency into your account.

✔️ Work directly with the person executing your campaign strategy (not a salesperson).

That’s Great, but How Do I Know I’m Not Just Another Number to You?

We believe in developing a true partnership because no one knows your products and customers like you do. 

For example, maybe you sell skincare products. You know that during winter your moisturizer sales are going to increase since winter weather means dry skin. We would work with you to adjust your campaigns to make sure that you’re applying the right spend, at the right time, in the right places. 

By truly understanding your products and goals we can adjust our PPC strategies together to maximize profits and minimize ad waste. 

We don’t copy and paste campaigns and expect them to work for every brand or every product. 

Why not? Wouldn’t that be easier? Well…not if we want to be successful. 

Within your brand, each one of your products is unique. Even if you’re selling the same moisturizer in different sizes, each size is going to potentially be at a different stage in the product life cycle. Which means that it will require a totally different approach when it comes to ranking, maintenance, etc. 

We want to work with you to get to know your products inside and out in order to hit your goals. 

There are tons of hungry Amazon customers out there just waiting to give you their money. We want to help you reach them.

Actually, I've Been Using a Software. It's Cheap and Seems to Be Going Okay...
Do I Even Need an Agency?

Lots of folks think they’re getting a good deal with their current software but they often forget about all of the hidden costs.

For example…This is Bobby.

A smiling man in a red sweater sitting in a living room, representing the warmth and comfort of an Amazon Marketing Agency.

Bobby was using popular software to help him run his PPC ads. They were charging him $500 a month. 

That didn’t seem like a bad deal to Bobby. Just $500 bucks a month was affordable considering he was bringing in about $10k in Ad Revenue. 

But wait… 

When you actually look at the numbers it tells a different story. What Bobby didn’t consider was that as the owner of his business his time is really valuable. 

Things start to add up pretty quickly when you realize that Bobby still has to spend at least two hours per week using the software to manage his campaigns. 

How much is your amazon ppc software truly costing you?

As you can see, it’s not really just $500 per month. 

This is a made-up example and Bobby isn’t a real person but I think you get the idea that trying to manage PPC yourself isn’t necessarily a cheaper alternative (even with relatively inexpensive software).

And that’s not even considering that every hour that you’re spending trying to manage PPC on your own is an hour that you could be using to…

✔️ Develop a new product

✔️ Create a training manual

✔️ Find a new supplier

✔️ Make a new social media campaign

✔️ Get better financing terms on a business loan

So, do you still think that trying to manage PPC yourself is the best use of your time?

Or can you let us handle it and make you even more money while freeing you up to spend time doing the things you actually want to be doing?

Ok, That Makes Sense but...
Who Is Actually Going to Be Handling My Campaigns Every Day?

Let me guess…

Maybe you’ve heard horror stories about other agencies swapping around their clients from one incompetent Account Manager to another without warning.

Or the Account Manager never takes the time to get to know the seller’s business and so they can’t actually outperform the existing campaigns.

Or maybe that the Account Managers are actually just salespeople who don’t know anything about PPC and there’s never an opportunity to talk to the person who is actually working on the campaigns.

Unfortunately, it’s all more common than you might think. 

With PPC Farm, each one of our Account Managers are PPC Experts (not salespeople) who are specifically trained in Amazon PPC management. 

The reason we feel comfortable calling them “experts” is because we’ve trained them extensively to manage our own campaigns and continuously test their performance. We wouldn’t let anyone handle client accounts that we wouldn’t trust with our own products. 

You’ll be dealing directly with the person who is executing the strategy on your campaigns because we believe that that direct relationship is crucial for success. 

Here Are Some of the Folks on Our Team

Reach out to us at [email protected] anytime. We’re standing by!

General Manager

Years in eCommerce: 10

PPC Strategist

Years in Amazon: 8

Software Manager

Years in Software Development: 12

Is This Really a Good Fit for the Size of My Business?

We work with clients of all sizes.

Our process works for sellers making $10,000 or $10,000,000 per year.  

So, whether you are already thinking about selling your brand or are just getting started with PPC, we are ready to help you reach your goals. Our A.I. is powerful enough to handle thousands of ASINs per day.  

So you can launch as many products as you’d like. We’ll be here, ready to help your business grow and make you more money.

When Will I See Results?

You will likely see results in 30-90 days. 

We don’t want you to have unrealistic expectations. Creating profitable campaigns takes time. We need to get to know your company and products and our algorithm also needs time to learn.

Every business and brand are different but in general we’ve found that 30-90 days is the typical amount of time it takes to start seeing those dollar signs. 

It might not happen overnight but we are very confident in our process. 

In fact, we are so confident that…

We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth is With a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee

Wait, seriously? I’ve never seen any other agency offer anything like this. Are you crazy?

Probably. But that’s beside the point. 

The guarantee is simple. 

If you feel like things aren’t going well anytime in the first 60 days, you can cancel and receive a full refund for all fees paid up to that point. 

If we are not the best possible match for your Amazon PPC needs, then we want to return your investment to you. We never want you to feel stuck or like you’re getting a raw deal. 

One of our main goals as an agency is client retention so it’s really important to us to have happy clients. 

How Does the Refund Actually Work?

Lots of companies might say they have a money-back guarantee but then make you jump through all sorts of hoops to actually get your refund. 

We think that’s no good. So we keep our refund process hassle-free. 

Just email your Account Manager or [email protected] and we will process your refund within 5-7 business days. 

It’s as easy as that.

What if I Want to Cancel After the First 60 Days?

We work hard to make sure everything is super clear and favorable for both of us from the beginning but we do understand that things come up. 

While the money-back guarantee only applies to the first 60 days, if you’re ever not satisfied with our service you can cancel anytime. No questions asked. 

We don’t feel the need to try and lock you into a commitment because we truly believe that our process can deliver you real results and you’ll actually want to stick with us long-term. 

How Can You Guys Afford to Offer this?

We know that some people may take advantage of this opportunity but we believe that keeping our customers happy is more important and will ultimately result in a better business for us. 

So, if you’re really not happy, we would much rather part on good terms than try to force you to stay with us. We think that would only result in bad blood and that can mean bad reviews which are bad for business. That’s bad.

In fact, we wonder how other agencies can afford not to offer a money-back guarantee.

This All Sounds Pretty Good...So How Does Pricing Work?

Pay-For Performance Pricing

Our straightforward pricing model incentivizes us to make more money for you so when you win, we both win!

Starting at Just $250/Month

Straightforward pricing with no other hidden BS fees. Most agencies out there are going to charge you an arm and a leg. We pride ourselves in offering our services to sellers of all sizes. If you’re a new seller or just new to advertising on Amazon we’re here to help. 

Here are what some of the other big agencies in the industry charge per month. 

Seems like a pretty fair deal, right?

Alright, I'm Interested. How Do I Get Started?

We won’t waste your time with dozens of calls and demos with salespeople who don’t know anything about PPC.  When you click the button below, you’ll get to talk to an actual PPC Expert who can answer all of your questions. 

We have a simple onboarding process…

1. We have a discovery call to make sure we’re a good fit for each other.

2. We will do a free audit of your account.

3. We send over an agreement for you to sign.

4. We’ll schedule a kick-off call so we can set expectations (deliverables, timelines, how we’ll communicate, etc.).

5. Finally, we set up your campaigns and you start making money!

So, let me get this straight. 

 You guys have basically solved Amazon PPC.

 You’re only going to charge me a little bit more than the cost of software and I will save a ton of time.

 You’ll charge me based on revenue, not ad spend, so our goals are completely aligned.

 You’re not gonna charge me for brand-related searches, like other sneaky agencies.

 And if you bunch of a-holes don’t deliver, not only can I cancel anytime, but you have a 60-day money-back guarantee   where if I cancel within the first 60 days I can get all my money back? 

That sounds too good to be true. Are you for real? 

Yeah, buddy! The only thing we ask for is a sacrifice of your first-born child but that’s pretty much industry standard. 

C’mon…that was a joke. Don’t you get our sense of humor by now?

So, What Do You Have to Lose?
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